Rotuaari square


Are you in Oulu? Have you visited the Market Square area? Enjoy this nice weather and walk around the Rotuaari. First you can walk and visit the main shopping district. Different types of cuisines are within metres of the Square. Moreover nearby you have the library where you can find magazines and books on all [...]

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New Website Launch


We have recently launched our new website! Some of the cities that we have projects have their own landing page. We've been trying to keep content to a minimum - only including information that actually has some value to the customer. Obviously, we believe that a simple message requires simple text. Our message is that [...]

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Furnished apartments now in Lahti


In May 2018 we launched our furnished apartment services in Lahti. Those were supporting the construction of a new power station in the city. We started with a nice 2 bedroom apartment about 3 km from the city centre. We are expanding operations and ready to serve you in the city of Lahti.

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