Checking In

Check-In time is 16:00, unless otherwise agreed.

Checking Out

Check-Out time is 12:00, unless otherwise agreed.

Ensure that all perishable foods are removed from the apartment.

Empty trash.

Leave keys on the kitchen table (unless otherwise agreed).

Turn off all lights, disconnect electricity from washing machine and turn water supply to washing machine to the ’off’ position.


Standard cleaning includes: kitchen surfaces and table tops, toilet, sinks, vacuuming, mopping and bed changing.

Standard cleaning does NOT include: tidying clothes, dish washing and emptying trash.

Day-to-day cleaning is the responsibility of The Customer. Cleaning facilities are in the apartments for this purpose.

Day-to-day cleaning includes: sweeping floors, wiping surfaces, wiping cooker after use, emptying trash and washing dishes.

Food and other waste must be cleaned from floors and surfaces immediately.


The Tenant(s) must conduct themselves in and around the apartment in the manner of a considerate neighbour.

There is NO SMOKING in apartments. The Tenant(s) may smoke on the balcony so long as no neighbours object. If a neighbour objects then there must be no smoking also on the balcony, in which case The Tenant must go outside of the building to smoke.

Noise must be kept to minimum after 22:00. Use of washing machine and sauna is prohibited after 22:00. Other activities, for example, showering, cooking, washing up, etc. should be avoided if possible after 22:00. Where it is not realistic to avoid such activities after 22:00 (for example, due to shift work) then care must be taken to keep noise to a minimum.


The Tenant must respect the furnishings, the apartment and the building. Any breakages should be reported immediately to

The Tenant must act in accordance with the law.


An inventory is made on the apartment’s contents prior to The Tenant moving in.

Any losses or breakages, excluding normal wear and tear, from the inventory will be charged at cost.


Normal and responsible residential use of electricity is included in the price.

In apartments that have a sauna and/or adjustable floor heating special attention should be made to electricity consumption.

The Supplier has the right to charge The Customer for unreasonable use of electricity.


In Finland the temperature in the apartments are generally centrally controlled to be 21C. If the apartment inside temperature is already at 21C, then individual radiators cannot be turned up to provide more heat.

Covering the radiators with long curtains will prevent heat entering the room.


The Tenant is responsible for insuring his/herself and own belongings.

The Supplier recommends that The Tenant take out ’Home Insurance’ to cover damage to the apartment/building due to The Tenant’s negligence.


The SIM card from the internet modem must not be used for telephone calls. Any costs associated with wrong use of SIM card will be charged at cost + 20%.


In case of lost keys, the customer is liable to pay all costs associated with changing the locks and making new keys. (Note. In Finland it is normal practice that the property owner change locks in the event of keys being lost. The cost typically varies from 200 – 350 euros.

Keys must not be copied without written permission from The Supplier.


There is no laundry service. A washing machine is provided in the apartments.

Locked Out

A door opening service is available in case of being locked out. The phone number is provided in the info. pack found in the apartment. This phone number should also be visible from the outside of the main entrance. There is a charge for this service, which generally various from approx. 20€ to 50€, depending on; time of day, day of the week and location.


For maintenance issues, call 050 411 1199 mon-fri 08:00-17:00. Otherwise send email to Please describe the issue as accurately as possible.

Personal Belongings

The Supplier is not responsible for the personal belongings of The Tenant left in or around the apartment.


A sauna consumes a lot of electricity and as such, must be used responsibly. Responsible use of the sauna means; switch it on approx. 30 mins before use and switch off immediately after use. The sauna heater should not be used for any other purpose, for example, drying clothes.

Use of Apartments

Apartments are strictly for normal residential use only.


Normal and responsible residential use of water is included in the cost.

The Supplier has the right to charge The Customer for unreasonable use of water.