Furnished apartments in Hämeenlinna

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Rent fully furnished apartments in HämeenlinnaHämeenlinna is a city in the centre of the historical province of Hame. It’s in the south of Finland and is also the oldest inland Finnish city. It’s economy is based mainly on the service sector –  along with heavy and light engineering, textile and printing industries. Without a doubt, we are a trustworthy rental accommodation provider. We offer fully furnished apartment located as close as possible to your project. Without a doubt, we strive to meet the requirements that you need for your employees. It should be noted that if there’s something that you couldn’t find in our standard inventory let us know and we can provide them.

Cultural and historical importanceThe city is the administrative centre of the province of Southern Finland. Located a bit more than 100 km from Helsinki. And not only but also at the intersection of important networks namely rail, road, and waterway. Here you have the famous medieval Hame Castle (Hämeen linna). Originally located on an island, now is on the coast lake Vanajavesi. Being one of the main tourist attraction of the region, is also a prominent venue for events, such as renaissance fairs. Hämeenlinna is definitely famous for its cultural and historical importance. Besides the medieval castle on the shores of the Lake Vanajavesi you can enjoy national parks, theme parks, golf courses and plenty outdoors activities.


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